DUOLEC® PAG Gear Lubricant

9705 -9707 DUOLEC® PAG Gear Lubricant

SYNPAG™ Gear Lubricants are a family of synthetic Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) based gear lubricants. They are known for their extreme pressure characteristics and their ability to prevent micropitting. They are specially formulated for corrosion resistance, wear protection, and thermal stability.
SYNPAG™ Gear Lubricants are outstanding lubricants for all types of industrial gears and plain and anti-friction bearings under extreme severe service conditions. They are especially beneficial for the lubrication of worm gears.


  • Formulated with a Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) synthetic base fluid that provides superior oxidation and thermal stability.
  • Protects against micropitting.
  • Extremely high viscosity index results in wide operating temperatures.
  • Outstanding extreme pressure characteristics.
  • Excellent corrosion prevention properties to protect against rusting in high water contamination applications.
  • Highly resistant to sludge formation.


  • Enclosed gear applications, including Helical, Bevel, Planetary, and especially Worm Gears
  • Textile Machines
  • Sliding Bearings
  • Chains and Conveyors
  • Kiln and Oven Bearings
  • Roller Mills
  • Pellet Mills
  • Extruders


Hasil Pengujian

Product Code Name SAE ISO 100°C 40°C VI Flash Point Pour Point Timken OK Load
9705 DUOLEC® PAG Gear Lubricant 220 41.9 227.0 242 284°C -42°C 75lbs (34Kg)
9706 DUOLEC® PAG Gear Lubricant 320 60.6 339.0 252 282°C -39°C 75lbs (34Kg)
9707 DUOLEC® PAG Gear Lubricant 460 83.0 477.0 262 284°C -36°C 75lbs (34Kg)


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