DUOLEC® Syn Gear Lubricant

9815, 9822, 9832, 9846 SYNOLEC® Gear Lubricant

LE’s SYNOLEC® Gear Lubricant is engineered to provide exceptional protection and extended gear life in all heavily loaded gearboxes that are exposed to extremes of high and low temperatures.

SYNOLEC® Gear Lubricant contains DUOLEC®, LE’s proprietary AW/EP additive to reduce friction and increase oil film strength. Withstands incredible loads and stress from heavy-duty service including energy applications such as those in pulverizer gear units. LE’s SYNOLEC® Gear Lubricant can be filtered to below 3 microns without detrimental effect on performance. It does not break down over time, therefore providing a high return on investment (ROI) to the bottom line.

SYNOLEC® Gear Lubricant also has excellent oxidation stability contributing to long service life and reduced lubricant consumption.

  • Exceptional low temperature characteristics
  • Can be filtered to 3 microns without detrimental effect on performance.
  • Greater stability, also contributing to long service life through enhanced oxidation stability.
  • High load carrying capacity through use of proprietary extreme pressure additives.
  • Cold weather flow properties, with dependable lubrication in low start-up conditions
  • Reduced lubricant consumption through low volatility and excellent oxidation stability.
  • Special blend of proprietary additives withstand high speed and variable temperatures in applications.
  • Prevents micro-pitting or “gray-staining” of gears.


Hasil Pengujian

Product Code Name SAE ISO 100°C 40°C VI Flash Point Pour Point Timken OK Load
9815 SYNOLEC® Gear Lubricant 150 20.58 156 153 229°C -37°C 70lbs
9822 SYNOLEC® Gear Lubricant 220 26.4 223 151 240°C -32°C 70lbs
9832 SYNOLEC® Gear Lubricant 320 35.4 322 156 240°C -29°C 70lbs
9846 SYNOLEC® Gear Lubricant 460 48.1 469 162 239°C -26°C 70lbs


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