Printing presses run at high speed with many rotating and sliding parts. There are also bearings, chains, gears, rotating joints and air compressors. Due to its many superior products, Lubrication Engineers has gained a respected place in the printing industry.

Much of the success can be attributed to MONOLEC®, L.E.’s successful and acclaimed wear-reducing additive. MONOLEC® is used primarily in our industrial oils that are typically used in high-speed machinery found in printing operations.

MONOLEC® gives a greater guarantee of avoiding downtime. Breakdowns must be avoided at any cost when putting out a paper, printing magazines, periodicals, journals, textbooks, or any other printed materials.

Manufacturers that make printing presses are Harris, Meihle, Goss, Komori and Heidelberg. Many of the manufacturers design their units on the same principals-feed the paper through the printing unit, print the paper, organise the paper and then perhaps fold it or bind it. Sheet fed units are often smaller, but operate on the same principle. Sheet fed units are often multiple colours and produce high quality printed materials.

Each press is normally made up of four or more units, and some presses have a central lubrication system that services all units. All printing businesses will have an air compressor, and most will be around 25 to 50 hp. Each press will have a dedicated vacuum pump. This pump will normally require an ISO 320 lubricant.

As mentioned before, most presses have a circulating type oil system to lubricate all the press units. An ISO 68 turbine oil is normally the required lubricant There is therefore an opportunity for consolidation of lubricants by using this turbine oil in their facility’s air compressors.

Some presses require grease for lubrication. If so, Lubrication Engineer’s 1275 ALMAPLEX is the best product to use in these applications. In fact, 1275 is the best product for 95% of the grease applications in the pressroom. Occasionally there will be a high temperature application that requires the use of 1250 ALMASOL High Temperature Lubricant. This application is normally found on the gripper bars. As a suggestion, to determine the correct product for the application, use 1275 ALMAPLEX on two or three of the gripper bars. If the heat causes the 1275 ALMAPLEX to drip, switch to 1250 ALMASOL. If temperatures are cool enough, use 1275 ALMAPLEX for grease applications throughout.

Rollers – each unit on a press will have three to five rollers that require lubrication. Press Accuracy or Register – this is extremely important because if the register is off, then the paper is not feeding through the press in the correct fashion, and any work performed during this malfunction will have to be discarded. Proper lubrication can decrease wear and keep the registry perfect for a long period of time.

This equipment is operated in a hot, dusty environment. As the ink & lubricants mix with the paper dust the surrounding areas are quite dirty. The equipment is operated for long periods at high rpm’s, causing wear and generating heat.

Due to these various issues, proper lubrication must be used with the right applications. L.E. quality products will help the equipment to run cleaner, cooler, quieter, longer and with less expense for downtime. When changing out lubricants, bearings should be purged, gearboxes drained and cleaned, and automatic lubricant systems cleared and cleaned.

Lubrication Engineers recommends the following products for the printing industry and if you have any questions please contact your local L.E. International distributor & their sales team.

  • For gearboxes and conveyor systems, try 1600 Series DUOLEC™ Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant
  • For break-in oil gear motors, 703/704 MONOLEC Gear Lubricants
  • For the dryer area of the press, try 1250 ALMASOL High Temperature Lubricant
  • For bearings, bushings and u-joints, use 1275 ALMAPLEX Industrial Lubricant
  • For open gears and chains, use our 5100A PYROSHIELD  or 9102A SYNTEMP Synthetic Lubricant
  • To keep water out of the printing blanket, try 5182 PYROSHIELD
  • For automatic oilers, use our 6404 MONOLEC Turbine Oil or 6804 MULTILEC Industrial Oil
  • For vacuum pumps, try LE 6407 MONOLEC Turbine Oil
  • For air compressors try out 6800 Series MULTILEC Industrial Oils