Textile equipment operates under some of the harshest environmental conditions including moisture, high speeds, dust, chemicals and high temperatures. L.E. products are designed to give unequalled performance in virtually any application under operating conditions that vary from normal to severe.

Lubrication Engineers use highly refined 100% paraffinic and synthetic base oils. These oils have vastly superior lubricating characteristics-greater oxidation resistance, tougher film strength, better lubricity and greater compatibility with hoses and seals.

Our own additive research and manufacturing company continually develop more effective and efficient high technology additives proprietary to Lubrication Engineers. All this technology is incorporated into our lubricants so that they are the finest available. These additives include DUOLEC™, ALMASOL®, MONOLEC® & QUINPLEX®.

For anti-friction and plain bearings operating under shock loads, high speeds or areas where vibration may occur, such as synthetic fibre extruders, shearing and raising machines and spinning and twisting machines & for anti-friction and plain bearings operating at high temperatures and exposed to chemical corrosion, dust and dirt such as those found in fans, carding machines, bleach ranges, tenter ovens, dryers, slashers, steamers, washing and mercerising machines and bath and circulating systems on calendars, LE recommends:

  • 1250/1251 ALMASOL High Temperature Lubricants
  • 1274/1275 ALMAPLEX Industrial Lubricants
  • 3750/3751/3752 ALMAGARD Vari-Purpose Lubricants
  • 4700/4701/4702 MONOLEC Industrial Lubricants
  • 9320 & 9460 MONOLEC Synthetic Industrial Lubricants

For spur & bevel gear drives, high speed cam boxes, worm gears, differential gears, harmonic drives in robotics, spinning and twisting machine drives, finishing machines and tenter frames, synthetic fibre extruder drives and thrust bearings, sewing machines, or for equipment operating under shock loads, high vibration, high speeds, start and stop conditions, axial thrust and unbalanced loads and high ambient temperatures we recommend:

  • 300 MONOLEC Industrial Lubricant
  • 1600 Series DUOLEC™ Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricant
  • 4023/4024/4025 QUINPLEX Food Machinery Lubricant
  • 4090/4140 QUINPLEX Food Machinery Lubricant
  • 9102A SYNTEMP Synthetic Lubricant
  • MONOLEC Hydraulic Oils
  • MONOLEC Turbine Oils
  • MULTILEC Industrial Oils
  • MONOLEC Synthetic Industrial Oils

For miscellaneous applications throughout your textile plant L.E. recommends:

  • 451/452 ALMASOL Chain & Cable Lubricants
  • 4010/4020/4030 QUINPLEX White Oils
  • 2001/2001A MONOLEC Wire Rope Lubricants
  • 2002/2002A ALMASOL Wire Rope Lubricants
  • 2059/2059A MONOLEX Penetrating Oil & Lubricant