MONOLEC® Centrifugal Compressor Oil

6260 MONOLEC® Centrifugal Compressor Oil

A high quality compressor oil designed specifically for use in centrifugal air compressors. Formulated with highly refined select paraffinic base stocks synergistically blended with additives that offer excellent corrosion protection, superior thermal stability, good water separation, anti-foaming performance and oxidation resistance. Contains Monolec®, LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive.


Beneficial Qualities:

  • Contains 100% paraffinic base oils synergistically blended with additives to provide superior oxidation resistance.
  • Base oil meets or exceeds the requirements of API Group II specifications.
  • Contains Monolec®, LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive to assure longer life for bearings and rubbing surfaces.
  • Contains corrosion inhibition additives to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Non-reactive toward bearings including copper bearings, silver bearings and copper-lead bearings.
  • Non-foaming in service.
  • Provides excellent separation from water.


Hasil Pengujian

Product Code Name SAE ISO 100°C 40°C VI Flash Point Pour Point Timken OK Load
6260 MONOLEC® Centrifugal Compressor Oil 32 5.4 32 100 222°C -36°C


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