MONOLEC® Paper Machine Lubricant

6190 – 6140 MONOLEC® Paper Machine Lubricant

Premium quality paper machine oil made from select paraffinic base oil. Specifically formulated to provide excellent thermal oxidation stability and rust and corrosion protection for long oil life. Excellent detergency prevents carbon deposit build-up and coking to minimize oil system plugging and premature bearing failures. Excellent wear protection provided by proprietary additives and MONOLEC®, LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive.


  • For use in paper machine circulating systems for hot bearings and where high oxidation stability and detergency are needed to minimize deposits caused by long exposure to steam heat.

Beneficial Qualities:

  • Two viscosities (ISO 220 and ISO 320) which offer superior performance in paper machines.
  • Excellent oxidation resistance, 20-25% better than commercial paper machine lubricants.
  • Precipitate values 15% lower than commercial paper machine oils in the Cincinnati-Machine Thermal Stability Test.
  • 72% smaller scar diameter in the Four-Ball EP Test at 100 kg when compared to commercial paper machine oils.
  • Excellent filterability.


Hasil Pengujian

Product Code Name SAE ISO 100°C 40°C VI Flash Point Pour Point Timken OK Load
6140 MONOLEC® Paper Machine Lubricant 320 23.6 320 95 266°C -18°C
6190 MONOLEC Paper Machine Lubricant 220 18.4 220 95 266°C -18°C


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