MONOLEC® Synthetic Industrial Oil

9032 – 9150 MONOLEC® Synthetic Industrial Oil

LE’s MONOLEC Synthetic Industrial Oils are completely 100% synthetic oils and have been carefully formulated to exceed all requirements for air compressors, vacuum pumps and hydraulic systems operating at above and below normal temperatures.
Their sophisticated formulas contain a blend of very high VI synthetic base oils, in addition to MONOLEC, LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive. Their specially developed additive package, designed solely for synthetic oils, contains an anti-wear compound which acts synergistically with MONOLEC to control wear as pressures and temperatures rise. In addition rust and oxidation inhibitors and a foam suppressant have been added to complete the package.

Far Less Oil Used

  • Greatly Extended Drain Intervals – Completely synthetic formulations deliver longer effective oil life versus competitive oils as a result of the oxidation resistance.
  • Less Make-Up Oil Required – The completely synthetic formulations have low volatility to reduce oil consumption and carry-over into the air system.

Longer Equipment Life and Greater Equipment Reliability – Will reduce capital expenditures and operating budgets in many areas.

  • Reduced Wear – With the triple protection of the oil’s tough film strength, MONOLEC, LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive and special anti-wear additives. This reduced wear occurs even when compared with other synthetic and petroleum oils.
  • Eliminates Carbon Deposits – Because they are synthetic oils which will not oxidize like petroleum oils, these oils contain no petroleum to form hard carbon deposits which can impede heat transfer and possibly cause compressor receiver explosions. In fact, the potential for fires and explosions is significantly less than with petroleum oils.
  • Cooler, Cleaner Operation – With far less carbon deposits, sludge and almost no varnish formation the entire system stays clean, runs cooler and the oil and filter life are greatly extended. A foam inhibitor helps lower operating temperatures and insures positive, uniform power flow in hydraulic systems. Excellent rust protection is due to the special rust inhibitors which are incorporated in these MONOLEC oils.

Lower Maintenance Costs and Reduced Downtime – This is achieved with far less oil used, less deposits to clean out, and fewer repairs or replacement parts and labor.
Improved Equipment Efficiency – Equipment which operates cooler and cleaner. Easy cold weather starts (-38°F to -65°F pour points) and high temperature limits which are fully 100°F above petroleum oils.
Excellent Compatibility – With seals, plastics and other lubricants to make conversion to LE’s MONOLEC Synthetic Industrial Oils easy.

  • 9032 – ISO 32
  • 9046 – ISO 46
  • 9068 – ISO 68
  • 9100 – ISO 100
  • 9150 – ISO 150


Hasil Pengujian

Product Code Name SAE ISO 100°C 40°C VI Flash Point Pour Point Timken OK Load
9032 MONOLEC® Synthetic Industrial Oil 32 6.0 32 130 246°C -57°C
9046 MONOLEC® Synthetic Industrial Oil 46 8.0 47 130 248°C -51°C
9068 MONOLEC® Synthetic Industrial Oil 68 10.6 69 130 244°C -45°C
9100 MONOLEC® Synthetic Industrial Oil 100 14.5 99 130 244°C -42°C
9150 MONOLEC® Synthetic Industrial Oil 150 20.1 151 130 244°C -39°C


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