Transformer Oil

6760 Transformer Oil

A highly oxidation resistant electrical transformer oil for all types of electrical service. Designed for use as an insulating and cooling medium for electrical apparatus. Excellent heat transfer properties for cooler operation and longer life. Meets all the specifications of ASTM D-3487 Type II.
Suitable for use in all types of oil filled electrical devices including transformers, oil filled switches, circuit breakers and capacitors. Can also be used in submersible pumps with oil filled electric motors requiring a dielectric oil.

Beneficial Qualities:

  • Type II Transformer Oil by ASTM D-3487
  • Noncorrosive
  • Low pour point gives excellent low temperature properties.
  • Excellent heat removal for cooler operation.
  • Cooler operation helps extend equipment life.
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation for longer oil life.
  • High dielectric breakdown voltage.


Hasil Pengujian

Product Code Name SAE ISO 100°C 40°C VI Flash Point Pour Point Timken OK Load
6760 Transformer Oil 2.38 9.64 20 152°C -60°C


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